TV Screen Look
Release Date: October 5, 2012

So as I've said on facebook, which all of you should be on because it's awesome, I was looking to create that look for a long time and I've finally got it down after playing videogames and eating pizza and all of a sudden realizing it was there the whole time. OK, so we are going to go from the above picture ^ to the one below in 6-9 easy steps:

Before we start, you will need to download the link above (remember this is on the download section so there was is something to download). In the download zip you will find a folder named "TV screen look" with 3 After Effects Presets inside. Copy the folder and put it in your After Affects "Presets" folder.

For PC: c:\Program Files\Adobe\After effects-your version- \Presets\... -paste folder here-

For Mac: Use\Documents\Adobe/After Effects -your version- \User Presets\... -paste folder here-

If you want you can create a folder named "CDTV" in the "User Presets" folder and paste it there so you can have all my presets in one place. Alright now you can turn on After Effects and bring in your footage. Let's get started.

Step 1: Drag your footage into the New Composition Button below and call it "Video Comp" this is where the footage will be and stay untouched.

Step 2: Drag that Composition into another Composition called "TV LOOK". This is where all the magic is going to happen.

Step 3: Duplicate the "Video Comp" Composition and add 2 Adjustment Layers and arrange them in that order. Make sure one of the "Video Comp" Layers has the audio turned off.

Step 4: Next, make your top "Video Comp" have a tracking mode of "Screen" then under "Effects and Presets" go to the "Animation Presets" folder then the "User Presets" folder and you should find the "Tv screen look" folder you downloaded.

Step 5: Now Drag "Tv screen look p1" onto the first Adjustment layer, then drag "Tv screen look p2" onto the first "Video Comp" Layer and finally "Tv screen look 3" onto the second Adjustment layer.

Step 6: Now you are done, all you have left to do is adjust the settings to fit your own footage and make it AWESOME. on the other hand you could have just opened the included AE file and replace the footage. But hey, you learned something. So it's still a win/win situation, not sure that made sense, but who cares. Anyways, Hannah Montana is coming on, so I'll catch you guys later :)

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