Camera Overlay
Release Date: February, 29, 2012

Before we start, this picture above was taken by Pete Dryden. He is an amazing photographer in Oregon with a LOT of talent to display. Check him out HERE and let him know what you think.

Now let's get down to business.

Ever wanted to make a found footage movie or a video from the perspective of the camera like an awesome spy movie or a photo-shoot or something of that nature. Well, allow me to shave off some hours of editing for you by providing these awesome overlays that you can put on top of your footage, either on After Effects, Premiere Pro or Sony Vega (you get the point... any editing software).

Now you can be all spy-ish and awesome and stuff... o.0

I'm not sure how useful it will be but i did find a lot of use for it and it helped me save a lot of time from my editing, instead of having to create them from scratch all the time.

Keep in mind though, that those packages are not DEFINITE, they will be updated as I find more interesting things to add to it, keep coming back to the site in case they are updated so you don't miss out :)

In the package there are DSLR camera overlays that allow you to have the inside the camera look with multiple viewfinder designs. Then you have the video camera overlays, that give you the inside a video camera perspective like recording a birthday, a memory footage from you childhood or whatever creative awesomeness you guys come up with. The video overlays have a couple record signals, video-safe borders, battery info and so on.

Of course, not all information is displayed in the overlays, some will be up to you to add like the ISO, the F/ stop, the Date and so on. I'm sure you get the idea. Here are some examples of it in use:

DOWNLOAD (.zip file)


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