Standard Sniper Package
Release Date: October 1, 2011
Just wanted to thank you guys for supporting me so far and helping become a partner on youtube.

Anywho, since this youtube channel is mostly about editing and filmmaking, I decided to give you guys part of a DVD that I created ... for free.

Now you can do AWESOME snipper videos whiteout going through the trouble of making the scopes yourselves.

In this package, there are three components:

- Scopes presets ( that you can just put directly on your footage )
- Components ( that you can add and remove to create scopes )
- Manageable files ( Adobe Illustrator files that you can open and manage )

Also, included are sound effects and a footage clip from the youtube short film:

Left 4 Dead Part one: click here

They were nice enough to send us this unedited footage to try out.

Also, if you want a tutorial on how to use this package, check out these links:

(to be added later)

Also, if you haven't subscribed yet, it would be awesome if you did.

Al Delcy
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