Slick and Classy logo reveal

I was trying to think about a simple, slick yet clasy logo reveal and this design came to mind, nothing too flashy, not too colorful, yet very appealing and attractive.

If you notice from the images below, any logo or design will fit in it perfectly and look great for a desktop background, a logo reveals an intro, a trailer card or whatever you may want it tobe used for.

As you may already know, the way you present your logo and your brand is a very important part of what you client or viewer sees, so it's very important that it is simple, clean, elegant and attractive. Well, this design offers just that.

Here is how this will work:

  • The video above starts with an animation and a logo that are both original and classy, you can buy that for $69.99 as you will be the only one with that original logo, or one that I create for you, and an original animation of your choice. I usually charge $80-$100 for an original logo design alone.

  • If you want just want the image with your own original logo that you will provide me so I can do a with a different animation then this one with the same scheme of a color that you choose, then that will cost $19.99. However, that animation will be available to anyone that purchases that package. You will also receive 3 High Res (5K pixels) photos of the design at 3 different angles.

  • If you just want the 3 High Res (5K pixels) photos of your own logo with this same scheme, but with your own color, it will cost $3.50. That will require me to retrace your logo and make it 3D in order to do it.

  • Finally, you can purchase the Cinema 4D file itself and have the freedom to make your own logo, animate it how you want. it will cost $13.99.

SO go ahead, make your choice:

Original logo and animation + HiRes Pictures and Project Files:

The Bottom options do not include an original logo, you will provide me with your logo.

Generic "zoom" animation + HiRes Pictures:
HiRes Pictures only:
C4D & AAE PRoject Files only:

PS: when you are done with your purchas, email us at to follow up.

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Connexes Page d'accueil said:
Install and take pleasure in, changelog : Servers are offered custom names(beta).
On: May 07, 2015
clash of clans hack tool said:
Click "verify through Offer you" beneath and pick from the list of offered surveys.
On: March 25, 2015
Jorge said:
I want to now if u still make these because if so I might be getting one but not sure when
On: January 26, 2014


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