Slick and Classy logo reveal
Make your logo more attractive with this slick and classy logo reveal by Vallonier Studios
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DSLR and Video Overlays
Ever wanted to make a found footage movie or a video from the perspective of the camera like an awesome spy movie or a photo-shoot or something of that nature. Well, allow me to shave off some hours of editing for you by providing these awesome overlays that you can put on top of your footage.
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Documentary Equipments (Viewer Mail 1)
One of my youtube viewers had a documentary to film and needed advice on what to purchase for her production. I researched and gave her advice based on my own knowledge and experiences and also based on some things I found while researching. I hope this helps so of you decide what to buy for your productions as well. Enjoy!
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Letter Boxing Mask
Free letterboxing masks package for your footage. Downloadable content coming very soon.
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Motion Graphic Intros
Apart from the footage, sounds, effects, musics and images, a great part of a movie is the motion graphic works or the visual presentation of your film.
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Cinematic Presets Pack:
Cinematic Presets from
Read More... 0 | Posted on: April202011

P.I Snapshot Effect
A little few changes here and there and a couple more and we are done! This is someting I was trying out and I wanted to know if i could do it. Sure enough it came out pretty good. Don't criticize the acting, we did it in 15 minutes with people we just me
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