Al Delcy | Cast and Crew

My name is Al Delcy. I make youtube videos and tutorials about video editing and VFX. I also am starting my own digital creation firm called Vallonier. I started making videos on youtube in 2009 and finally decided to put my skills to good use. I mostly my tutorials around After Effect, Cinema 4D and Photoshop/Illustrator. I have 3 youtube channels spread out like so:
CrazyDelcyTV | VFX, Tutorials, Behind the scenes and Personal Vlogs
Unreached Films | Film Channel, Trailers and Sketches
Vallonier Studios | Corporate Business and Network Channel

I also designed a site for each of the channels [Vallonier] - [Unreached Films] including this one.


I am very interested in filmmaking and I am always trying to find ways to filmmakers improve their art in the very little ways I can for now. With your support, your visits and views you will help me become a better editor, filmmaker and teacher.


I will always do my best to give back what i recieve from you wonderful supporters and help make your films or projects more kickass. [FREE DOWNLOADS]


You can help us by subscribing to my Youtube Channel and bookmark this site so you can visit me and see how we're doing.


You can also CONTACT me whenever you want. It gets lonely in the editing room sometimes :)


Let's try to keep this short. Born in the US, raised and when to school in Haiti. Finished college, going for my masters and trying to start a production studios.