Al Delcy Cast and Crew Involments and Productions

I was born in the US but was raised in Haiti for 14 years. I moved to Orlando in 2004 for about 3 years of highschool, then moved to Miami for my senior year. I graduated highschool at 16 and am now in Business School in South Miami. I started getting interested in movie making at a very young age. Since I was 7 I always created stories, played with G.I Joes, creating worlds in my back yard and making everything around me just liek a movie. The first film I ever did was filmed by my mom and my dad and I were playing 2 people making a million dollar deal. The footage was filled on my mother's DV tape cameraand is now lost... I think..., eitherway let's not look for it ok! Anyways, since I could'nt afford a camera of my own, i decided to write stories intead of filming them.

When I finally moved to Orlando, I decided to buy my first camera. It was one of those one-time-use cameras that you can only use once then bring to devellop. At first I started using it and taking whatever i felt like taking and I ran through them like crazy. Then realizing that I was wasting some money doing that I decided to be more careful with what I take, I started taking important pictures and making sure I knew what I was taking before I took it, and that it was something valuable, with the right lighting and the right angles and so on, at least what "I" felt comfortable wih. After a while I decided to buy one of those digital 2-in-1 cameras from wallgreens, with money saved over time from lunch. With that I could take as many pictures as i wanted and save them on my godfather's computer and then come back to them and delete what I didn;t want. I was also able to take videos. I took videos of anything and everything. i made little short films with rocks and pencils, and G.I Joes and so on.

After using that camera for about a year or so, I moved to Miami with my mom and bought a Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS and a JVC GR-DA20. I now had a standard camera dedicated to video and an amateur Kodak camera for pictures. At the moment I was actually impressed with the quality they offered.

To Be Cont...